Trabaje con nosotros

We are looking for good people. We want them to develop personally and professionally within our company. At Laboratorios Fecofar you will find opportunities for recognition, diverse experiences and a commitment to ethics and integrity. We are committed to being attentive to their needs and encouraging them to work as a team.


Adress: Av. Pres. Juan Domingo Perón 2742
San Justo,  B1754AZV
Buenos Aires – Argentina

Phone: (+5411) 4482-5483/93 – 4482-5517/22

Attention Hours: Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.


Trabaje con nosotros


Tel: (+5411) 4482-5522       Av. Pte. J. Perón 2742       C.P.: B1754AZV       San Justo, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Laboratorios Fecofar