Laboratorios was founded in September 1957, as an entrepreneurship that – analyzed in perspective – reflects the view of Pharmaceutical Cooperatives of that time, which sought to centralize in a single economic unit the various individual initiatives that each had developed.

Laboratorios , comprised in its totality by national capitals, was created with the aim of building a brand that was to be recognized for its excellence and its quality-price ratio, and which would also improve the population’s access to medicines.

Our industrial plant is located in the city of San Justo, Buenos Aires. It covers an area of 4300 square meters and it is equipped with modern facilities that lead to a high level of performance. It has state-of-the-art equipment in the area of manufacture, as well as in quality control.

Throughout the last years, Laboratorios has given special importance to the manufacture of medical specialties and the modernization of the administration, production and quality control areas, with the goal of optimizing our products and services in accordance with our philosophy of constant improvement.

The expansion of the Vademécum, involving more than thirty launches in the last five years, has led to be one of the highest growths recorded in the Argentine pharmaceutical market in that period.

Currently, Laboratiorios owns a line of more than 65 medical specialties, many of them occupying leading positions within the market, and highly recognized by professionals and consumers. Our vast and complex distribution network allows our products to reach nearly 12,000 pharmacies across the country.

Our Mission

Based on advanced technology and our great work force, we manufacture and commercialize drugs characterized by their high quality, effectiveness and with the best price-quality relationship.

Our View

We aim to achieve a sustainable, economic, commercial and human integral leadership, developing, consolidating and expanding our markets and products, obtaining an optimal and sustained growth for our company.

Our Values

Respect, ethic, improvement, transparency, social and environmental responsibility are the values that have built and holdup Laboratorios Fecofar since 1957.


Laboratorios Fecofar was created in September 1957, comprised in its totality by national capitals and based on the objetive of centralize in a single economic unit various individual initiatives.


After a long period of sustained growth that consolidated the company as an argentine pharmaceutical market referent, Laboratorios Fecocar reachs their first 50 years of activity.


As a part of a new image policy, Laboratorios Fecofar renew his logo and personalises their OTC packaging products, based on the new customers stardards. The prescription drugs keeps the classic look.


More than 25 releases products in 4 years. One of the greatest growths of the argentine pharmaceutical market. More than 69 medical specialties. One distribution network that reachs nearly the 12,000 pharmacies across the country.

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Laboratorios Fecofar